Dallas-based Charles H. Steen, P.C. is devoted to providing high quality legal services while maintaining close, personal contact with clients. This approach benefits from my years of "big firm", national practice, plus my "boutique" experience with some of the best-known trial and appellate lawyers in Texas. The hallmarks of the firm's practice are: Brains, creativity, flexibility, reasonable rates, and sterling results.
Charles H. Steen, P.C. is unlike traditional law firms. Traditional law firms are built on high priced partners, supported by deep ranks of associates just out of law school. In some cases this structure can work well, particularly for very large clients with voluminous litigation. But it has expensive limitations as well, due to its inherent inflexibility. Most notably - from the client's perspective - are the astronomical salaries law firms pay to attract talent from top law schools, coupled with the even higher rates that partners must charge to fund the associate ranks, and the organization. Invariably, this structure shows up in clients' bills.

In contrast, our practice is founded on an office sharing agreement with several well-respected Texas lawyers. We are colleagues, but not partners. This provides us with very substantial legal resources - including seasoned trial and appellate attorneys, professors, mediators, and former prosecutors - plus allocative flexibility, without having to carry many traditional costs. Legal, expert, and administrative resources are assembled and allocated strategically, to meet the needs of each case. Truly complex cases may require collaborative staffing, smaller cases will not. In economic terms, it all comes down to true marginal cost pricing for clients.

Charles H. Steen, P.C. represents plaintiff and defendant clients in Texas state and federal courts, as well as other jurisdictions. Representation includes: business consulting and transactions; business litigation; director and officer disputes; antitrust; off-shore; intellectual property; securities and "blue sky" litigation; and union litigation.



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